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Music player, streaming client/server, Spotify and Google Play Music client for Linux.


The Tizonia Project


tizonia: a command-line music player and streaming client/server

An OpenMAX IL 1.2 multimedia framework

  1. libtizonia: A C library for creating OpenMAX IL 1.2 plugins; encoders, decoders, parsers, sinks, etc, for OpenMAX IL domains audio/video/other.
  2. libtizcore A C library for discovery and dynamic loading of OpenMAX IL 1.2 plugins.
  3. libtizplatform A C library with wrappers and utilities for memory allocation, threading and synchronization primitives, evented I/O, FIFO and priority queues, dynamic arrays, associative arrays, small object allocation, config file parsing, HTTP parser, uuids, and more.
  4. tizrmd A D-Bus-based OpenMAX IL Resource Manager daemon.
  5. libtizrmproxy A C client library to communicate with the RM server.
  6. Audio and video plugins, including audio, video and general purpose components.
  7. skema A test execution framework for OpenMAX IL 1.2 components written in Python. Skema allows the definition and execution of arbitrary OpenMAX IL graphs and test cases using an easy-to-write XML syntax.