Install Tizonia on a Debian-compatible distro by simply running:

   $ curl -kL | bash
   # Or its shortened version:
   $ curl -kL | bash


This above command executes a script called '' that installs Tizonia and all of its dependencies on a Debian-compatible system. The script is hosted on GitHub. Please have a look at it before running it on your system.

Debian Packages on Bintray

Tizonia's Debian/Ubuntu packages are hosted on Bintray for the following distro/arch combinations:

Supported Debian-derived distros
Distro amd64 armhf
Ubuntu Xenial Yes Yes
Ubuntu Trusty Yes Yes
Debian Jessie Yes Yes
Debian Stretch Yes Yes
Raspbian Jessie Yes Yes
Raspbian Stretch Yes Yes

Other Ubuntu-based Distros

Elementary OS and Linux Mint are supported on releases based on Ubuntu 'Trusty' or Ubuntu 'Xenial'.