New release v0.12.0 - Chromecast support!

Feb 11, 2018 • juanrubio

Tizonia version 0.12.0 codenamed “Carboneras” is out!.

173 commits have gone into this release (995 files changed, 12874 insertions(+), 6130 deletions(-)).

The release includes only a new major feature, Chromecast support. This has been in the making (on and off) for almost a year!.

As usual contains all the details.


Thanks to the following contributors for their pull requests in this release:

And thanks to those who have provided feedback via the project’s bug tracker on GitHub.

What’s coming up next?

There are a few things that are frequently requested, like:

  • native packages for Fedora (see #390) and
  • support for Mac OS (see #316)

Unfortunately, these will not happen without some help from the community.

There are also a few other services that would be nice to have, like

One of these are more likely to happen in the next release. Which one?. If you want to contribute or simply would like to put your vote for one of them, just leave a message in the corresponding GitHub issue.