Tizonia v0.14.0 adds YouTube Channels and Google Play Music stations for non-subscribers

Apr 21, 2018 • juanrubio

Tizonia version 0.14.0 codenamed “Los Gallardos” is out!.

A relatively small, incremental release with 45 commits (159 files changed, 1326 insertions(+), 461 deletions(-)). Nonetheless, this release includes a number of really interesting new features.

YouTube Channels Support

YouTube channels support in Tizonia includes two new command-line options:

tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-uploads <channel-name>

This command lets you play music from all videos uploaded to a particular YouTube channel. The command takes an argument, the channel’s name.

tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-uploads

tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-playlist <channel-name_space_playlist-search-term>

This command lets you play any playlist shared by a YouTube channel. It takes a special, multi-word argument. Here the first word is the channel name, and followed by a space, a search term (one or more words) that will be fuzzy-matched against the playlists in that channel. Remember to add quotes to this command’s argument!.

tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-playlist

Google Play Music Free Radio Stations

Google Play Music has recently added radio stations for non-subscribers. Google has made this feature available only in the U.S., Canada, and India. Free stations have a number of limitations, like for example, skip limits. More information on this in this Google help article: About free radio. You can create and listen to Google Play free stations with Tizonia using this command:

tizonia --gmusic-station <artist or song name>

Your entire Google Play Music Library in one big playlist!

This feature was requested by user bbgun7, who wanted to put the 25.000 songs in his library on to a single playlist, and shuffle it for playback. Such a brilliant (and obvious) idea was actually not possible with Tizonia… until this release!. Now it is possible with this command:

tizonia --gmusic-library

Other updates

As usual CHANGELOG.md contains all the details.

Tizonia v0.14.0 will be hitting the following distribution channels in the next few days:

Debian packages for Ubuntu Trusty, Debian Jessie, and Raspbian Jessie are not being built anymore. On the other hand, Debian 10 ‘Buster’ is now part of the Bintray roster.

Regarding Arch/AUR, there are currently some issues with some of Tizonia’s AUR dependencies that prevent us from getting a clean native build of Tizonia on Arch.

  • AUR (Arch Linux, currently at v0.12.0)

Until those issues are fixed, the Snap package works quite well on Arch.

NOTE [24/03/2018]: AUR packages have been updated and are now tracking v0.14.0.

Also, docker-tizonia is in need of an update. Hopefully, this will happen sometime soon, but in the meantime, pull requests are very welcome!.


Thanks to those who have provided feedback via the project’s bug tracker on GitHub.

Coming up next

Pandora support is currently in the making and shaping quite well to be in the next release!: