Tizonia 0.21.0 brings changes to minimize the YouTube API quota issues

Mar 8, 2020 • juanrubio

Tizonia version 0.21.0 codenamed “Laujar” is out with 45 commits, 153 files changed, 885 insertions(+), 292 deletions(-).

0.20.0 was released last month with TuneIn and color-themes. A new release of Tizonia is out now with fixes for YouTube and for users of Arch-based distros.

Changes in the YouTube Data API v3

Recently, Google has been making changes to their YouTube Data API v3. Apparently, old API keys that had not been used for some time have been disabled. And the new API keys created to replace the old ones seem to enjoy a smaller quota (unclear why).

This has impacted Tizonia and other open-source projects that, like Tizonia, use the YouTube API to stream videos or audio from YouTube.

[YouTube] (GdataError) : Youtube Error 403: Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). You may monitor your quota usage and adjust limits in the API Console

If you see an error like this while using Tizonia, then it is recommended that you obtain your own API key, to avoid making use of Tizonia’s internal API key, whose quota might have been exhausted on that day. There are tutorials on the Internet that explain how to do this. Here is an example.

You then need to add your API key in Tizonia’s configuration file. Or alternatively, provide it in the command-line using the --youtube-api-key command-line option.

# YouTube configuration
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# To avoid passing this information on the command line, uncomment and
# configure as needed.
# youtube.api_key = youtube api key. Optional but RECOMMENDED to avoid
#                   problems when the daily quota of the interal api key
#                   is exceeded.

Fix for ‘Audio cuts in Google Play Music and Plex on Arch-based distros’

This issue was not reproducible in Debian-based distros, but it has been affecting users of Arch-based distros for some time.

The new Meson-based build system that was released in 0.20.0 should also be benefiting Arch users as it allows faster native builds of Tizonia’s AUR package.

Binaries and distribution

CHANGELOG.md contains all the details.

Tizonia v0.21.0 will be soon in the following channels:


Many thanks to all the people that have contributed to this release, with code, bug reports or other feedback.


Please have a look at our contribution guidelines if you are interested in participating. We are always looking for help, be it with feature requests, bug reporting, code contributions or general feedback.

We need maintainers for our various packaging systems, like Snap, or Docker. If you have an interest on these things, please reach out!

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