TuneIn Internet radio and podcasts, and color-themes in Tizonia 0.20.0

Feb 20, 2020 • juanrubio

Tizonia version 0.20.0 codenamed “Alicun” is out with 227 commits, 1260 files changed, 17729 insertions(+), 4953 deletions(-).

TuneIn Internet radios and podcasts

When the Dirble Internet radio directory was shutdown, I sorely missed the ability to search and listen to Internet radios with Tizonia. Dirble was removed in Tizonia 0.19.0. To replace it, TuneIn is now available in 0.20.0. You can create instant playlists of stations and podcast, searching TuneIn by genre (music, news, talk, sports, etc), location, trending etc.

tizonia help tunein

See tunein for more details.

Fun with color-themes!

This was a feature request, and one that I had never thought about (thanks driador!). A very fun idea actually. Well, now its available in 0.20.0. There are 4 themes shipped out of the box. Also customizing these themes or creating completely new ones is actually really easy.

tizonia color themes

A new build system based on Meson

Thanks to lgbaldoni Tizonia has gained a shiny new build system based on Meson.

With the old build system, Tizonia builds were reeeaaally slow, around 20-25 minutes. Now with Meson, the build times are down to a couple of minutes!

A man page added and the refresh of the documentation site

Something that was long due was the man page for Tizonia. This issue has been fixed in this release. Also the documentation web site, that has been in ‘draft’ state for far too long, has been refreshed and finalised.


tizonia-remote is small utility that may be used to control a Tizonia instance running in the background from another terminal or program. This has been available for a long time but has never been distributed in the Debian packages until now.

See tizonia-remote for more details.

Binaries and distribution

As usual CHANGELOG.md contains all the details.

Tizonia v0.20.0 will be soon in the following channels:


Many thanks to all the people that have contributed to this release, with code, bug reports or feedback. Special mention to lgbaldoni for contributing the Meson build system. Also thanks to SolarAquarion for taking over the maintainership of the tizonia-all-git AUR package.


Please have a look at our contribution guidelines if you are interested in participating. We are always looking for help, be it with feature requests, bug reporting, code contributions or general feedback.

We need maintainers for our various packaging systems, like Snap, or Docker. If you have an interest on these things, please reach out!

Give us your star!

Finally, if you enjoy using Tizonia and have a GitHub account, consider giving us your star!. That really means a lot! :-)