Tizonia 0.22.0 adds support for iHeartRadio

May 22, 2020 • juanrubio

Tizonia version 0.22.0 codenamed “Seron” is out with 133 commits, 326 files changed, 14484 insertions(+), 2468 deletions(-).


There is so much great music streamed every day in the Internet by thousands of radio stations all over the world. As a music lover, just having the chance to tap into that is absolutely amazing. Now with Tizonia you can stream from both TuneIn and iHeartRadio Internet radio directories. Remember, no subscriptions needed!.

The interface for iHeartRadio is super simple:

--iheart-search arg
   iheart station search.

--iheart-keywords arg
    Additional keywords that may be used in conjunction with the iheart search option. Optional (may be repeated).

Here are some examples:

$ tizonia --iheart-search "top 40"

$ tizonia --iheart-search "kiss"

$ tizonia --iheart-search "ny"

$ tizonia --iheart-search "albuquerque"

$ tizonia --iheart-search "90s"

$ tizonia --iheart-search "rock" --iheart-keywords 'The Rocket'

For more information, check out the iHeart section of the project documentation.

Spotify: access to private playlists and Spotify’s ‘Made for you’ playlists

New options have been added to play private playlists and other private lists like the user’s top tracks, top artists, recent and liked tracks.

  --spotify-user-liked-tracks           Play the user's liked tracks.
  --spotify-user-recent-tracks          Play the user's most recently played
  --spotify-user-top-tracks             Play the user's top tracks.
  --spotify-user-top-artists            Play top tracks from the user's top
  --spotify-user-playlist arg           Play a playlist from the users private
                                        library, including Daily Mixes and
                                        Discover Weekly.

Also two more options have been added to conveniently access recommendations by track and artist name.

  --spotify-recommendations-by-track arg
                                        Play Spotify recommendations by track
  --spotify-recommendations-by-artist arg
                                        Play Spotify recommendations by artist

New keyboard shortcuts

A few new actions are now available via keyboard shortcuts. See below for the complete list:

➜  ~  tizonia --help keyboard
tizonia 0.22.0. Copyright (C) 2020 Juan A. Rubio and contributors
This software is part of the Tizonia project <https://tizonia.org>

GNU Lesser GPL version 3 <http://gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Keyboard control:

   [p] / [PgDn] skip to previous track/station.
   [n] / [PgUp] skip to next track/station.
   [Home] / [End] go to beginning/end of playlist.
   <number> [g] go to track/station <number> in playlist.
   [+/-] [Up/Down] increase/decrease volume.
   [m] mute.
   [l] print playlist.
   [?] keyboard help.
   [space] pause playback.
   [q] quit.

Binaries and distribution

Binaries for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) are now available. Support for Ubuntu Xenial has been dropped.

CHANGELOG.md contains all the details.

Tizonia v0.22.0 will soon be in the following channels:

Call for Maintainers - Tizonia Snap

If you enjoy using Tizonia packaged as a Snap and would like to contribute, the Snap of Tizonia is in need of a refresh. This is not a difficult task, and it would be great if someone from the community wanted to step up and provide help with the maintainership of the Snap package.

For more details, visit the Snap package repository:


Please have a look at our contribution guidelines if you are interested in participating. We are always looking for help, be it with feature requests, bug reporting, code contributions or general feedback.


Many thanks to all the people that have contributed to this release, with code, with bug reports or other feedback. Checkout our Hall of Fame.

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