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Tizonia 0.22.0 adds support for iHeartRadio on May 22, 2020 by juanrubio

Tizonia 0.21.0 brings changes to minimize the YouTube API quota issues on March 8, 2020 by juanrubio

TuneIn Internet radio and podcasts, and color-themes in Tizonia 0.20.0 on February 20, 2020 by juanrubio

Global Spotify playlist search and other improvements in Tizonia 0.19.0 on March 19, 2019 by juanrubio

Fixed 'Google Play Music tracks cut short' in Tizonia 0.18.0 on March 17, 2019 by juanrubio

Spotify login issues fixed in Tizonia 0.17.0 on January 17, 2019 by juanrubio

More ways to discover music on Spotify with Tizonia 0.16.0 on December 3, 2018 by juanrubio

Totally revamped Spotify support in Tizonia 0.15.0 on June 15, 2018 by juanrubio

Tizonia v0.14.0 adds YouTube Channels and Google Play Music stations for non-subscribers on April 21, 2018 by juanrubio

Tizonia v0.13.0 adds support for Plex media servers on March 9, 2018 by juanrubio

New release v0.12.0 - Chromecast support! on February 11, 2018 by juanrubio

Snap package and Docker image available now! on December 30, 2017 by juanrubio

New Tizonia release v0.11.0 on December 17, 2017 by juanrubio

New Tizonia release v0.10.0 on October 22, 2017 by juanrubio

New Website! on October 2, 2017 by juanrubio